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  The Netherlands

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  Falaj al Qabail

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KVA International (KVA) purchases and sells FCC equilibrium catalyst (E-cat)  to and from the refining industry. The use of purchased E-cat is a widely accepted practice for those units that process heavy feed stocks.  E-cat is the lowest delta coke catalyst that can be utilized to effectively control the regenerator bed temperature.  It is also a very functional metals trap when utilized in combination with fresh catalyst to minimize the impact from contaminant metals, allowing for increased yields, enhanced selectivity’s with a significant reduction in operating costs.


With a wide variety of FCC equilibrium catalyst in stock, KVA offers valuable e-cat for various FCC operations with different objectives. Resid units utilizing ZSM-5 additives are mostly served resulting in significant reduction in operating costs however start-up catalyst are becoming a more important aspect of the business.


To serve the European refining industry, KVA is also interested in purchasing good quality E-cat. Important specifications are,  low on Ni and V content, high on total surface are and matrix area and low 0-20 µ particle size. Furthermore the absence of additives like promoter, Sox and ZSM-5 will increase the value of the E-cat. Besides the quality purchase price is also based on location.