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 Safety products

Safety hooks

The easiest way to keep your workfloor free from cables and accidents!

Size        Max. capacity

SH-6               40 kg

SH-9               55 kg

SH-12           190 kg

SH-15           300 kg



Make your work environment safer

Safety hooks contribute to a safe work floor. It is easy to suspend cables, wires and hoses with the hooks' simple, effective S-shape. By clearing up the work floor the number of industrial accidents will be reduced. With these Safety Hooks you create a tidy, structured work floor. That's safety.



Easy, one-handed usage

Simply position the hook, and then lift the work lines into place. A hole in each end of the hook enables the user to easily secure the load by means of a tie wrap.

Excellent temperature resistance

All Safety Hooks are molded from a glass reinforced polyester material that can withstand temperatures from -20º C up to +200º C. For easy recognition, the parts are colored throughout with high-visibility safety yellow. 



Protection for years and years 

The molded plastic does not damage your paintwork or cut or puncture your cables.  The hooks can be used over and over again. These Safety Hooks do the job neatly and are strong enough to hold your wires, cables, and hoses safely off the ground for a better workplace.



Tough, strong construction

The Safety Hooks are available in 4 sizes, designated as 6", 9", 12" and 15". As the size increases, so does the diameter of the hooks and the maximum load bearing capacity up to 300 kg.
Note: The hooks are not for lifting.