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Safety products

Safety gate

The self closing double bar safety gate is designed to meet the EN ISO 14122 standard. This European standard requires a self closing gate with at least a hand- and kneerail.

Toeboard T5

Our Toeboard Links T5 enables engineers, fabricators and end-user a more economical way to encircle pipe penatrations in grating.

Safety hooks

Safety hooks contribute to a safe work floor. It is easy to suspend cables, wires and hoses with the hooks' simple, effective S-shape. By clearing up the work floor the number of industrial accidents will be reduced. With these Safety Hooks you create a tidy, structured work floor. That's safety.

Manhole protection

The lack of a clear marker for open manholes is a potential hazard. The absence of a marker invites you to look into the tank, with all its consequences.  Personal accident occurred because there were nitrogen, toxic substances and / or moving parts in the tank, because there were nitrogen, toxic substances and/or moving parts in the tank. The elastic cords with hooks enable a very easy installation to the flange of the manhole.  

Safe wrench

The safe wrench bans the risk of injuries to the guiding hand!