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  The Netherlands

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Nouvall Engineering Services


Nouvall Engineering Services is specialized in project support for the (petro)-chemical industry. We deliver expertise in the field of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Project Management, Maintenance and Safety.

Deployment of professionals

Our professionals can be deployed in different disciplines and job positions like:


  • Civil & Structural                               
  • E&I
  • Mechanical
  • Piping
  • Process
  • Process Control
  • Management
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • SHEQ

Job position

  • Manager
  • Engineer
  • Planner
  • Supervisor
  • Inspector
  • Designer
  • Cost Controller
  • Work preperator
  • Commissioner
  • Quantity Surveyorrow

Nouvall wants to ensure that industrial projects are a success! It is our mission to provide relevant, reliable and professional services so as to be of maximum value to our clients and the professionals we deploy. We do this by delving into our candidates and our clients and their customers. This allows us to think and anticipate in order to build a partnership with clients and professionals. As a result, deployment of motivated and skilled specialists and realization of (project) objectives.

Developments in the industrial field are ongoing. Strong investment growth alternates with sudden stagnating demand. Moreover, projects are getting bigger, more complex and ask for more specialized expertise for shorter or longer periods. These developments ensure that clients have an increasing need for flexibility. Customers will increasingly give preference to the use of external specialists to support projects beyond its own large project teams with their own (permanent) employees.

Safety, health and welfare
Nouvall's main focus is the human being as a driving force for the success of our services. It is the individual interest of its employees and its clients we put centrally. Our efforts are focused in the areas of safety, health and welfare at ensuring optimum working conditions and the prevention of plant and equipment and environmental damage. Our employees are fully informed about our policy on this.


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